Heartbeateris an interactive audio-visual therapeutic art installation, designed by Edinburgh sound artist and composer Matthew Collings, American-Icelandic digital artist Erik Parr and Nilupul, in collaboration with the Fleet Collective, as part of the NEoN12 Digital Arts Festival.  Heartbeater focuses on physicality and the human body, using the physical movements of the users to manipulate sounds and visuals around them through the use of Gametrax gaming technology.

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The digital environment which is generated is based around the concept of water, with sounds and imagery being selected for their ability to relax and engage the user in focused sensory play.  As you explore Heartbeater the minds attention gradually shifts to focus on the senses producing a meditative state of mind.

The sound of the heartbeat which runs throughout the piece is a human body representation and when you play with Heartbeater consider the piece as an exploration of space as well as a kind of musical instrument you can use to perform.
Matt Collings, Sound Artist.

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