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Created following a special brief from the Nilupul team, Heartbeater is a novel, fully interactive, mobile, audio-visual installation, designed by digital artists, for use in Nilupul Foundation’s charitable activities and outreach projects.


  • Heartbeater is a facility which promotes a strong physical and mental connection with sensory experience which instils the technology with great therapeutic as well as artistic merit.
  • The benefits for improved physical and mental wellbeing are rich and diverse.
  • The technology has been used by autistic and disabled schoolchildren, adults with complex needs, addicts in recovery, professional artists and dancers and the general public.
  • Fully facilitated Heartbeater workshops can be booked by groups and organisations throughout Dundee.

Heartbeater focuses on physicality and the human body, using the physical movements of the users to manipulate sounds and visuals around them. As the user explores the installation, the minds attention gradually shifts to focus on the senses producing a meditative state of mind. By encouraging actual physical movement to produce sensory feedback the user can experience full body relaxation and can achieve a heightened ability to control focus and attention. Digital imagery and sounds are based on the theme of water, selected for it’s ability to relax and engage the user.

Interaction is multi-sensory which makes Heartbeater completely accessible to all including wheelchair users, the visually impaired, the deaf and hard of hearing and those with severely limited communication. The sensitivity and structure of the technology, alongside the guidance of a trained workshop facilitator, means that even those with the most extensive mobility issues can take part and benefit from this experience.

“The hypnotic, soothing experience of the Heartbeater was an interesting new experience for all of the children and a thoroughly engaging one for some.”

“This technology fits in perfectly with our vision of helping children without making them helpless.”

Teachers, Kingspark School for children with additional needs, Dundee.




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