MADwebsite56Tibet by The Tay is a brand new community arts project in Dundee.  The development of mindful awareness is at the heart of creating Tibetan Art and young people will be encouraged to explore their creativity through mindful painting, drawing, calligraphy and sculpture.

Young volunteers will learn a variety of arts skills including traditional Tibetan art and Temple Decoration and will also help co-ordinate and run a programme of community arts events which will provide a taste of traditional Tibetan art for the local community.

A full programme of therapeutic mindful arts workshops will also enable local groups to discover the benefits of mindfulness and therapeutic art for improved physical and mental wellbeing.

If you would like to get involved then contact us now at


The Satellite Youth Project working with Roberick Abercrombie Smith to create the Peaceful Mandala Mural in the Nilupul Hall.



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