The Nilupul Centre is home to a number of traditional Buddhist artworks including:

MADwebsite9A Kagyu Lineage Thangka, signed by HH Dalai Lama on his recent visit to Dundee, and painted by renowned Tibetan Artist Salga (brother of Ringu Tulku Rinpoche).

The Nilupul Centre features original murals by Roderick Abercrombie Smith (former Artist in Residence to the Satellite Projects), commissioned by Lama Jiga.

The project is also custodian of a work by renowned Scottish sculptor Tony Morrow; a hand drawn depiction of the Buddha traditionally used as a foundation for religious paintings and sculptures, commissioned by Lama Jiga.


The Peaceful Manadala of the Nilupul Hall
(Roderick Abercrombie Smith (1998)

 The art of Tibetan Calligraphy is represented by a handmade Mani Stone bearing the ‘Om Mani Peme Hung’ mantra and a unique 500 year old prayer from the Riwoche Monastery in Tibet.  The ancient prayer is made of gold calligraphy painted onto black handmade paper which had been specially treated to ensure preservation from harm by insects .

The Centre is also home to the modern Japanese calligraphies of Scottish Artist Campbell Sandilands.  These artworks represent the 5 elements and were gifted to Lama Jiga.

Nilupul Foundation also provides a home for the only exact copy of the relic holder from the Temple of the Buddha’s Tooth in Kandy, Sri Lanka, made by the world famous Sri Lankan artisan Koasala Mami himself, alongside a 400 year old Buddha from the family of the 1000 year old tradition of the Kosala family.

 Mani Stone New

The Mani Stone (Carved in slate)

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